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Last Updated: Mar 05, 2019 02:07PM CET
Intended audience
This guide is intended for end users which will use the Outlook add-in. Deployment of the add-in through Office365 has to be carried out by an IT administrator. The deployment guide is here:

About the software
The Videonor Outlook add-in is a piece a software which extends the capabilities of the users’ Outlook desktop clients. The main purpose of the add-in is to provide connection information to VMRs (Virtual Meeting Rooms).

More information about VMRs can be found at:

In addition to a valid Office 365 subscription, the following requirements exist for Outlook desktop clients.
Windows Outlook client
Outlook clients included in Office 2013 and beyond are supported.
MacOS Outlook client
Outlook clients included in Office 2016 for Mac and beyond are supported.

Additional details regarding compatibility can be found at

There is a troubleshooting guide here that covers the most common questions:

Using the add-in
When deployed, the add-in should be visible when composing new appointments in Outlook. It will look something like this in the ribbon. Look for the icon labelled "Videonor" and click it to start using it.

Upon first activation, a simple “welcome” message is shown, prompting the user to authenticate. Click “Get started…” and supply your Videonor username and password in the login form.
Click "Get started"

Once authenticated, the add-in will remember the current user, eliminating the need for repeated logins. You can sign out by clicking the portrait icon in the top left of the add-in and then select "sign-out".

Overview of add-in
Once logged in, you will either see an option to create a one-time video room OR a list of permanent rooms.

Using the add-in with "one-time video rooms" enabled

This is how it will look if "one-time video rooms" are enabled for your organization:

Clicking the "new one-time video room" button will generate a unique virtual meeting room (identical to a video room) and paste the room info in the invitation.
A few things to note regarding "one-time video rooms"
  • There is no option for telephone dial in to these rooms
  • There is no option for access control with PIN codes. Anyone that has the connection info can join.
This is a very easy and quick way to setup a meeting without having to worry about a permanent room being used by someone else for example.

If you prefer using a permanent video room, look at the bottom of the add-in window, locate the "Permanent rooms" arrow and click it. That will scroll down to the part with permanent rooms available.

Selecting from permanent rooms
If you have any rooms assigned to your user, these will be listed at the top under "My rooms". Team wide rooms will be listed under "Team rooms".

To insert connection info for a personal room or team room into the outlook invitation, hover the mouse pointer over the name of the room you want to use, then click the "Choose" button that appears.
This will paste information about how to connect to the virtual meeting room into the outlook meeting invite.

Important: Pasting connection information into an outlook meeting invite does not make any kind of reservation in the back-end systems of Videonor. For permanent video rooms, it simply retrieves the current configuration and pastes it into the invite.

This concludes the guide.
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