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Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 02:49PM CEST
Intended audience
This document is intended for IT administrators tasked with deploying the Videonor Outlook  add-in within an organization. For documentation regarding use of the Outlook add-in, please refer to our Videonor Outlook add-in user guide.
In this guide, a "video room" means the same as a "virtual meeting room".

About the software
The Videonor Outlook add-in is a piece a software which extends the capabilities of the users’ Outlook desktop clients. The purpose of the add-in is to provide a way for end users to obtain connection information for existing virtual meeting rooms when booking a meeting where they want to use video. The add-in is activated from the ribbon and will open at the right-hand side of the meeting invite where the end user can either opt to create a "one time video-room" or select from permanent video rooms. The end goal is to get the join info pasted into the meeting invite without requiring the end user to enter another portal to find the connection info.

1) All end users will need a valid sign-in to Videonor. The add-in must authenticate with our service to obtain connection info and each user must input this the first time they use the add-in. Reach out to Videonor support if you're unsure if you have such an account.

2) In addition to a valid Office 365 subscription, the following requirements exist for Outlook desktop clients.
Windows Outlook client
Outlook clients included in Office 2013 and beyond are supported.

MacOS Outlook client
Outlook clients included in Office 2016 for Mac and beyond are supported.

Additional details regarding compatibility can be found at

Deployment steps
In order to deploy the add-in to multiple users, an administrator login to the “Admin console” is required. Once authenticated, select “Settings” > “Services & add-ins” from left-hand navigation menu.

Once loaded, the “Services &  add-ins” page displays a button “+ DeployAdd-in” which initiates the deployment wizard.

If this is the first deployment, an informational step will be presented. Click “Next” to continue.

Deployment method
The first step of the wizard requires a deployment method selection. Choose “I have a URL for the manifest file” and enter the following in the text field:

Specifying target users
Once the manifest URL has been verified and the deployment can initiate, the target users/groups must be selected. Once selected, click “Deploy now” to initiate the actual deployment process.
Note. The selected users will need to have Videonor accounts in order to use the add-in once deployed. If you don't have an account, reach out to your company admin or request one from Videonor support.

Once the deployment has been started, it moves through a series of steps until completion. Whenever prompted, click “Next” to continue the deployment process. Once completed, the add-in should be available to the selected users within 12 hours.

Additional configuration for Citrix environment.
For roaming profile configuration, please make sure that
  • IE username and passwords are included in the roam (i.e
  • The file "AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStore\%random-name%\office-integration.videonor[1].xml" is included in the roam.

Note: This path is not equal for all users due to the %random-name% folder.

Please allow up to 12 hours to pass before expecting the add-in to become visible to end users. Make sure the end user also falls into the group of selected users during deployment.

If the problem persists, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Need help?
Videonor is happy to assist you with the deployment of the Outlook add-in. If you have any questions, or just want to provide feedback on how we can improve the deployment flow of our software, please get in touch with us at

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