Join Cisco based VMR via browser

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 04:12PM CET
Prior to the meeting, you will probably have recieved an invitation with at least two pieces of information:
  • WebRTC URL
  • Meeting-ID (this will always be purely numeric)
A passcode/PIN might be included as well, but these are not mandatory so if the invitation does not mention one - you don't need it.

If you have received a link looking something like this - with /invited.sf?id=1234567891234 appended at the end, that link will bypass a few of the early steps.
If that's the case, then the webrtc URL is:
and the Meeting-ID is the part after the id=, in this case: 1234567891234

Supported browsers:

When you enter the WebRTC URL, you should arrive at a site looking like this:

For a guest, they must now first click "Join meeting". They will then be prompted for the call-id and passcode/PIN, like this:

So, as an example - if you got this link "", the Meeting ID will be prefilled like this:

Then click "Join meeting". If you entered a valid combination of "Meeting ID" and "Passcode" you will be asked to provide a display name we can use in the participant list.

When you've entered your name, click "Join meeting":

After this, you will be asked how you want to join the meeting.
The options are:
1) "Use this computer" (If you're using a supported browser. Browser will ask for permission to use webcam/microphone)
2) "Use my video system" (if you have a video system, you can opt to take audio/video on that endpoint and only use the pc/mac for conference control and presentation sharing)
3) "Open Cisco Meeting app": This is an option where the conference will launch in the desktop version of the app.
4) "Management and presentation":
Manage the meeting, and view or share presentation without participating in the meeting's audio and video.

Select the method you want to use and then click "Join meeting".

This is how it looks after joining (in this case there are no other participants, so you will see an indication telling you just that).

Right-most part has all the conference controls. From the top: Participant list, chat, layout, meeting-info.
Instructions on how to use the app: Top left corner (the question-mark).

This concludes the "join via browser" guide.
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