Browsers and joining as a guest - changes to URLs with pre-filled data

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2019 09:34AM CET
Important: The feature discussed below has been re-enabled.
Pre-filled URLs works like they used to again. It was only removed for a short period.

Deprecated - but kept here for reference:
The new webapp from Cisco removes one feature that was used in the old version: creating a URL that would pre-fill the call-id (the call-id, or meeting-id, is used to identify the virtual meeting room you want to join).

Such a link would look like this:

When you clicked this, you would be taken to and the app would put you at the join screen with the call-id set automatically. Like this:

When the new webapp is activated, it will no longer pre-fill the call-id for you. Anyone clicking such a link will be sent to the start of the join process where you're asked if you want to "sign-in" or "join meeting".

This is how it will look if you click such a link after the new webapp has taken over:

For instructions on how to join as a guest, check this article:

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