Portal overview and general information

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018 12:23PM CEST
Instructions on how to sign-in: see this article

(If you`re a company admin, the portal will show you some additional items. Instructions for how to use these will be added later.)

The first view you will encounter is this:

The general build here is that the first part lists your primary user details:

Name: Your name (as displayed within our portal)
User name (email address): Used as user name for sign-in and is also where we will send password-reset requests if you ever need to do that.
Company admin: Shows if you`re a company admin or not.
Set new password: Does exactly that.

The second part shows any services that are active for your user:

Cisco Meeting App:
Displayed if you have a sign-in for Cisco Meeting app. The user name you must use when signing in to CMA is listed under "Sign-in username / Video address. The password is the same as the one you use to sign-in to this portal.

Cisco Spaces:
Lists all VMRs that you are a member of. Being a member of them means you can view access details and see who else is a member. If you`re considered an admin for a particular VMR (that is, defined as a "VMR administrator") you will see a blue pencil icon to the right of the VMR. This indicates that you can make changes to the VMR (members or access control). There are separate articles on how to do this.

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