Change access control options for a VMR

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018 12:55PM CEST
Sign in to the management portal (instructions)

If you are unfamiliar with what each option does, see this article about VMR access controls.

Important: You must be a VMR administrator for a VMR in order to edit the access control settings for it.

Once you are logged in to the management portal, check the VMR section and locate the VMR you want to edit. Click the name of the VMR (in blue) or the blue pencil icon to check the VMR details.

(If you click the name of the VMR, you will see the VMR summary along with members. Click "Edit settings" to get to the PIN change page)

The edit settings page look like this:

Right now, you see a VMR configured without any access control. PIN is blank and there is no mark in the "Distinguish between guest and host" checkbox.

If you want to set a PIN, but no more control - set the PIN, leave the "Distinguish between guest and host" box unchecked and then click "Done". Like this:

If you would like to have some additional control, like being able to restrict meeting moderation to only certain participant or lock the meeting, check the "Distinguish between guest and host" button, like this:

The guest PIN is optional. If you do set it, it must be different from the host PIN.

Please remember that no changes are applied unless you press "Done". Pressing outside of the window is equivalent to clicking "Cancel".
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