Managing your VMR memberships

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018 11:19AM CEST
to the management portal (instructions)

Click on the VMR that you would like to edit (the blue edit icon to the right indicates if you are considered an admin for the respective VMRs)

Then click on the "manage members" button (If the button is hidden, you do not have admin privileges for this VMR and can`t edit memberships)

The window that pops up let`s you edit what users are considered members and if they are considered "VMR administrators" (a VMR administrator can edit memberships and also edit access control settings for the VMR).

Check the box for each user that you would like to be a member of that VMR (If the user has a Cisco Meeting app sign-in, the VMR will appear in their list of VMR/spaces/cospaces) and check the "Room admin" box if you would like them to be able to edit the member-list AND make changes to access control (change PIN etc)

In the example over, there are 5 users in the company and each one are set as members of this VMR. Only 3 of them ("Support admin 1", "Different user 1" and "Different user 2") are allowed to make changes to memberships and access control.

IMPORTANT: We haven`t finished all the flows here, so unfortunately - you can quite easily remove yourself as an admin this way as well. If you do that by a mistake, you can be re-instantiated as a VMR admin in three ways:
  • Another VMR admin can fix it
  • A company administrator can fix it
  • Videonor support can fix it (we will check the audit log first)

When you have made the changes you want to, click "Save members".

To return to the start page, click the blue "house" icon in the top left corner.
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