Product update for CMS/Acano based applications

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2018 03:40PM CEST
We have some incoming changes for CMS / Acano based sign-ins planned.
Current plan for deploy is 16th of June (Saturday)

First, some glossary:
  • VMR: Virtual meeting room. Other names you might have heard include “cospace” or “space”. Traditional use is that every participant dials a VMR to have a meeting with multiple participants.
  • Cospace: A Virtual meeting room.
  • Acano: Old name of the conferencing platform. New name is “Cisco Meeting server”
  • CMS: Cisco Meeting server
  • CMS/Acano based VMRs: VMRs powered by a Cisco meeting server platform
  • CMA/Acano app: desktop (Windows/Mac) and iOS app powered by a Cisco meeting server platform
  • Management portal: A web service provided by Videonor to make it much easier to manage VMRs/Cospaces and users provisioned on the CMS/Acano platform

Product/feature updates for CMS/Acano based VMRs and applications:
Videonor is continuously working to improve our products and make sure we can offer new and
relevant features for our customers. For the CMS/Acano environment, we are preparing to deploy
new management tools to production. These additions include self-service for many tasks that
previously had to be done via Videonor support:
  • Create/delete VMRs
  • Inspect analytics
  • Enable host/guest modes on VMRs (set/change PINs for one or both)
  • Setup auto dial participants on VMRs
  • Manage VMR memberships
  • Add/delete/manage CMS/Acano users
  • Reset password for CMS/Acano sign-in credentials

For customers who want to take a more active part in management of their users and VMRs, these
changes will provide that flexibility. If you still want Videonor to help with such items, you can reach
out to our support team as usual.
This update requires changes to how we provision VMRs and CMA/Acano user sign-in. To
accommodate that, we will move all users (your sign-in details to the CMA apps) to a new database
and re-provision everything from there.

Impact for end users:
  • CMA/Acano app sign-in: Videonor will move your encrypted previously provisioned passwords to the new data base and while this will allow most of our users to continue without changing their password, it might require a password reset for some. This applies to everyone who has set their own password. In that case we can’t read them and therefore they must be reset. (see the FAQ for details)
  • Re-provisioning users and virtual meeting rooms deletes all chat history on the meeting platform (user-to-user and in VMRs/cospaces)
  • Customers that could previously perform management tasks with the CMA/Acano applications will no longer be able to perform these tasks within the app itself and must login using the admin portal to perform such changes in the future.

Please see this FAQ for more details and clarifications.
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