How to lock and unlock your VMR

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018 01:43PM CEST

A VMR can be locked to prevent unwanted participants from entering the meeting.

However, it`s important that you note the following:

  • It only works if you configure your VMR to distinguish between host/moderator and guests.
  • Participants that knows the host PIN are still able to enter the meeting regardless of it being locked or not. I.e change the PIN if you think lots of people know about it.
There are two articles that are relevant for this:
When a VMR is locked, any guests that calls in will be placed in a lobby informing them that they need to wait for the host. They will not be able to see if the meeting has started or not. If a host unlocks the meeting, all guests waiting in the lobby will be admitted into the meeting.

We recommend you do conference moderation via a browser. This gives you access to the participant list and conference controls, including lock/unlock.

In order to connect via webrtc, you will need the URL provided with the invite. If you don`t have it, you can fall back to the default, Videonor branded one,

Once on the site, type in your video number and desired display name. Now, you don`t have to enter with audio/video in order to perform conference control (if you have a dedicated video endpoint like Cisco or Polycom you would probably like to use that for audio/video). Hover your mouse pointer over the "Connect" button where there is a small arrow and a camera/phone icon. Select the bottom option with both the phone and the camera behind a stop sign. If the VMR is properly setup for locking, you will now be prompted if you want to join as host or guest. If you`re NOT prompted about this, then the VMR is not setup to distinguish between hosts and guests, meaning that the locking feature will not work as intended.
Select "host" and enter the PIN code required.

Once you`re in, the conference control is at the top left of your screen: click the burger menu to display the options for control.

Then click "Lock conference", as seen here:

Once locked, you will see the red symbol on your screen as seen here:
(In this state, no guests can join the meeting - but if a participant knows the HOST pin, they can still get in)

To unlock the meeting, click the same menu for the reverse process: 

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