What is Interoperability (Interop)?

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018 02:55PM CEST

Interoperability is one of the best features of the Videonor platform as it allows video devices that wouldn’t normally be able to speak to each other to connect.  


Interop Explained

So what does it mean when things are interoperable?  Simply put, in the realm of video conferencing, it is the ability for devices and software that use different technologies to be able to speak to each other.  There are lots of different kinds of communication technologies out there that are silo’d which stops the ability for you to connect with them unless you have that exact same technology.  A great example of this is Apple’s Facetime.  Facetime is a excellent and simple app for one to one video communication however you can only use Facetime to call other people on Facetime.  If you wanted to do a video call with someone using Skype you would not be able to because these two technologies don’t interop with one another.

Why Don’t All Technologies Interoperate?  Wouldn’t That Make Things Easier?
Of course!  One reason all devices and software don’t speak to each other is because there are so many different kinds of capabilities and out there.  Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and there are always new ways of doing things being developed that make communicating more efficient, however newer ways of doing things aren’t always going to work well with older or existing technologies.  It costs money and time to make technologies interop and with a growing number of communication methods out there, it often isn’t economical for companies to spend the resources to make their technology work with everything else.  

Another reason that certain technologies don’t interoperate is mainly because the companies who built them want “lock-in”.  They want everyone to use their own product over whatever else is out there so they don’t bother with interop.  This is in hopes that customers will go all in with whatever particular product they are selling.  

Videonor Can Help!

Videonor provides best in class interoperability for video communications.  This means that you can extend the reach of your existing investment by allowing what you have to interop with most everything else out there on the market.  Whether your business uses Skype for Business/Lync, Cisco, Polycom (as well as many other standard technologies in the video space), mobile, audio-only, or right from the web, Videonor brings all of these technologies together and seamlessly via virtual meeting rooms.  Just join the VMR and the rest is magic.  

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