VMR access control options

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018 02:48PM CEST
Q: What is access control options?
A: Something you use to limit who can join a meeting in a VMR. Features include PIN codes, host/guest modes and locking. The different options and how they work are described below (we have added a short recommendation at the end of the article).

There are two primary modes:
  • Host / guest mode OFF
  • Host / guest mode ON

Host / guest mode turned off
In this mode, the following applies:
  • Every participant will be treated as a host with regards to who can perform call control.
  • The meeting starts as soon as the first participant dials in
  • PIN configuration is optional (if a PIN is set, everyone must enter it to join)
  • Locking a call has no effect, as everyone is treated as a host and may bypass it

This mode works best for smaller meetings. You can opt out of using a PIN, but keep in mind that for meetings with 6+ participants, it might be hard to track if there are participants that should not be there (especially if there are a couple of audio-only participants as well).

Distinguish between hosts and guests (enabling host / guest mode)

Enabling this for a VMR means the following:
  • Host and guests uses the same methods to join (except PIN code)
  • Host PIN is mandatory in this setup. Guest PIN is optional (adds a bit of extra protection against "accidental" joinees).
  • There MUST be a host in the meeting for it to start. Any guests that joins the conference before a host has joined will be placed in the lobby and told that they are waiting for the host to join. Guests can not see or hear each other in this state.
  • If there are no remaining hosts in conference (i.e they have all disconnected) all remaining guest participants will automatically be disconnected after approx 120 seconds.
  • The meeting can be locked and unlocked by a host. Any guests trying to join the meeting while it`s locked will be placed in the lobby and told they are waiting for the host. They will not be admitted into the meeting before a host unlocks the call.
  • Any hosts can join the meeting regardless of the meeting being locked or not. Locking a VMR does not apply to hosts.

Our recommendation:
For smaller meetings you can leave the host/guest mode off, but configure a PIN on your VMR. It`s also a good idea to change this PIN from time to time.
For meetings where you expect a fair amount of participants (10+), or if it`s a VMR you use regularly, enable host/guest access on it and keep the host PIN to yourself. Your can then lock the meeting and keep control of who is joining.

If you`re looking for how to configure access control, see this article.

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