Configure your Cisco MX/SX/EX/C-series (webinterface)

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019 09:26AM CET

Short version:

Paste these commands via the API (input the actual username and password before you hit "execute")

xConfiguration Provisioning LoginName: "<USERNAME>"
xConfiguration Provisioning Password: "<PASSWORD>"
xConfiguration Provisioning ExternalManager Address:
xConfiguration Provisioning ExternalManager Domain:
xConfiguration Provisioning Mode: Off
xConfiguration Provisioning Mode: VCS


Detailed steps:

  1. Open up your browser and input the hostname or ip-address of your endpoint
  2. Sign in as the admin user

  3. Make sure the endpoint has internet access and that DNS server(s) are configured. DNS is crucial for both provisioning and call service.
  4. Navigate to "Configuration -> API"

  5. Copy paste the below commands into the API window.

  6. Input the assigned username and password where it says <Username> and <Password> so that it matches the information you have gotten from Videonor. In this case it is set to "myusername" and "mypassword"

  7. Click Execute. You see a message indicating that the commands were successfully applied

  8. Verify that the provisioning is active by navigating to "Coniguration -> System status". Then select "Provisioning" from the vertical menu on the left side and check the "Status" field. It should read "Provisioned" and list the current active IP of the provisioning host. Please note that there are several provisioning hosts, so you might read a different IP address here.

  9. If the endpoint is unable to obtain provisioning information, please contact Videonor support by sending an email to
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